A group of people posing for a photo with their bicycles, showcasing their safety and efficiency while taking part in FORS courses.

FORS training provider in Hull

FORS provides a package of comprehensive training to help drivers and managers improve their fleet performance in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental impact. We partner with FORS and facilitate courses to help drivers operate safely and reduce the risks of driving in busy urban roads. We make it easier for fleet managers to conduct their operations by offering comprehensive training to drivers.

FORS training we provide

  • Safe urban Driving
  • Truck smart
  • Van smart
  • Staying legal

Areas of focus in our urban driving courses

  • Safe operation of vehicles
  • Reduce the risks involved in busy urban driving
  • Sharing the city roads with vulnerable road users
  • Perspective of cyclists and pedestrians

Special emphasis on vulnerable road sharers

Pedestrians and cyclists are two of the most vulnerable road sharers on busy, urban streets. In our Safe Urban Driving Courses, we provide special emphasis on them and ensure that drivers gain insights into the experience of cyclists with an on-road cycling session.

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